Unwana Rose 

Confession: I am obsessed, in love, and intrigued with my industry. I can do anything pertaining to beauty all day. I believe it's the BEST industry. I love every aspect of what I do especially connecting with my guests. Most of what I do end up having something to do with hair. My friends and family think I work too much but I honestly don't feel like I do. I'm so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to do what I love for a career.

I was born in Nigeria and stayed there till I was eleven. My name Unwana (uu-Wah-nah) means brightness of God's light and Rose is the name of my aunts, interestingly enough, one from my dad and one from my moms side. I love to illuminate and beautify everyone and anything I do. 

I spent two years at Northern Illinois University with the intention to become a registered nurse. I believe the same compassion to care and desire to heal is carried from the medical to the beauty industry.

My journey started as a little girl, my mom would send me to school with one hair style and I would come back with my hair altered. I started as a braider for about nine years when my family joined my dad in the United States. I was formally trained as a cosmetologist at Pivot Point in Evanston IL. I enjoy continuing my education and gaining knowledge to enhance my career. I absolutely love learning and trying new things. 

When I'm not in the salon, I'm on set or transforming a bride and her bridal party.

I've been blessed with several opportunities to be on the crew of some commercials, TV shows, and movies as a hair and makeup artist.

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